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LUI: The Best Developer Assistant for Remote Work


FORS Telecom has finalized its new multi-platform product for rapid development of application systems and solution prototypes, taking into account the requirements and peculiarities of remote work. All the necessary programs (Tomcat, PostgreSQL, etc.) have been configured in the LUI VM.

It has three main advantages.

First of all, it is extremely easy to install. Now the LUI VM contains all the necessary and pre-configured programs. Installation is now several times faster. And the system can be installed by the user themselves, without involving database or web server administrators. The LUI VM is easy to install on any Windows (starting from Version 7) or Linux version.

Secondly, with many people working remotely these days, the networks of some providers got overloaded.

After installing the local LUI VM on their home computers, the employees will drastically reduce data exchange with the office servers and their corporate computers. Low traffic will significantly save the company's resources.

Finally, it is now much easier for the employees to present the results of their work to their bosses: all they need to do is send them the URL of the local LUI VM. The finished application can be transferred to the corporate server easily: just publish the automatically generated SQL scripts in the shared database.

To help developers work remotely:

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