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FORS Implements a Corporate Web Portal for Tsaritsyno Museum


FORS Group announces the development and implementation of Corporate Portal, a data analytics system for the Tsaritsyno Museum & Nature Reserve. It is a full-range flexible system implemented on the basis of FORS Group's template portal solution for managing internal and external corporate processes.

At the moment, the pilot version of the system has been put into commercial operation, covering the procurement business processes of the entity. The task was to see how the standard solution would match the specifics of the customer's activity in order for them to choose how the system would develop later on.

Tsatitsyno National Museum & Nature Reserve is one of Moscow's largest museum and exhibition entities, and its largest museum & nature reserve. It is a recreation destination that is loved both by Muscovites and by visitors of the Russian capital. The exhibition area of the Museum is 12,000 sq.m. (almost 14.5K square yards), while the total area of the museum & nature reserve is more than 400 hectares. Today, the Museum's collection and unique architectural ensemble attract about two million tourists, and the territory of the historical park and reserve hosts more than six million visitors.

Since the Museum & Nature Reserve has been developing quite actively in the recent years, procurement has increased dramatically, which brought about the need to streamline and systemize the corporate document flow so as to boost the efficiency of project, procurement and contract management activities, namely, planning, implementing and following up on the tasks at hand. To achieve the goals mentioned above, it was decided to implement an internal electronic document management system to ensure the interaction between the institution's departments as part of procurement and contract management activities.

The FORS Group standard solution was implemented, with wide-range functionality including a single access point for all the information resources, a single navigation and browsing system, distributed document management, centralized administration and user/user interaction support. It took minor customization in terms of the specifics of the customer's purchasing processes, as well as minor improvements of document templates.

«As part of the pilot project, we have implemented full automation of the contract-related document flow. In general, the standard solution provides for the introduction of two major modules: an internal corporate portal with subsystems for electronic document management, interaction between the employees and general management of the system; and the contract module, which consists of subsystems for managing contracts and generating special reports. At the moment, the functions of the second module have been put into operation,» says Dmitry Bibichev, Head of the System Integration Department at FORS Development Center (FORS Group).

«The project showed that the system works well for the Museum. All the tasks were completed successfully, and we can now move on to develop the financial, economic, HR and administrative functionality,» adds Alexey Lizunov, Head of the IT Department of the Tsaritsyno Museum & Nature Reserve. «Basing on the automation of procurement activities, we can start deploying the full-scale Corporate Web Portal solution at the earliest opportunity.»

It should be noted that the FORS Group replicated solution for managing contracts and contractual activities can be demanded by companies and organizations in any industry and of any scale. However, governmental institutions at the federal, regional, or municipal levels will be able to enjoy additional advantages of the system that have been designed for them, such as preparation of government orders for placement, control of direct contract restrictions, planning and accounting of the use of subsidies, as well as many other specialized functions.

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