Short Voice Internet Messaging

Brand new mobile application: Ready-to-the-market solution


we developed this solution?

Nowadays different social networks play a very important role in a society's life. People spend hours there, but still there is no such a social media that could provide a service of immediate informing groups of people by voice messaging, when you have no time or possibility to type your message, while no answer is required. Our solution provides opportunities for that.


Service of short voice messaging provides the following abilities:

  • To place and store a short voice message.
  • To obtain an access to other users' short voice messages.
  • To search for the additional attributes (tags, comments, and images) of the message.


  • A person seeing an emergency and wants many people to get know about it (a traffic accident, a terrorist act, etc.)
  • A person wants to inform a group of people without necessity to reply (a Head of the Department informs his colleagues of what to do).
  • People with weak vision abilities or problems with reading will take special benefits.


  • Messaging for many people (including unknown people).
  • Messaging that do not require immediate answer.
  • Messages contain actual information.
  • Voice messages are more emotional.
  • Unlike in Facebook, the user can stay unknown.
  • Unlike in Twitter, voice messages content is not limited so strictly.
  • Unlike in YouTube, user may get an immediate reaction on the events from the crowds of people.