Advanced Technical Support for Oracle Products

FORS is an Oracle Platinum Partner and has a first-line service right for all Oracle products including Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Our technical support services comply with international quality standards, technical service standards and especially the ISO/IEC 122207-95. The experience and skills gained by our specialists over many years are the solid foundation of FORS technical support services. All FORS Technical Support specialists are highly qualified and annually pass Certification to confirm their Oracle Certified Professional and Oracle Certified Master degrees.


More than 1500

FORS Technical Support Center has more than 1500 customers.

FORSified Support

In addition to Standard Technical Support, FORS offers premium package of services: FORSified Support. It is a new cost-effective option created for customers with a complicated and advanced IT-infrastructure to meet their special needs and to help them achieve their business goals. This new product, which has been highly successful among our clients, provides more extensive support services along with remarkable feed-back.

FORSified Support includes:

  • Assigned Technical Support manager;
  • 24-hour service;
  • Personal on-site visits by a specialist;
  • Direct access to the FORS Technical Support Center Automated System, which provides:
    • On-line processing of the customers' requests;
    • Option for a detailed request review and for checking license validity data;
    • Automatic notifications and reminders by e-mail;
    • Monitoring request status and receiving a notification when done.

The FORSified Support package includes:

  • Initial Oracle software installation;
  • Optimal backup & recovery regulations;
  • Complete server recovery procedure in case of failure;
  • Migration to updated versions of products and advanced software-hardware platforms;
  • Optimization of the customers' systems in accordance with their business requirements;
  • Independent hardware sizing expertise for full IT-systems compliance.

Technical consulting services

  • Monitoring Oracle databases to control required equipment and operational system resources, identifying bottlenecks which limit system productivity.
  • Collecting statistical data on the workload of Oracle databases, evaluating data growth rates and recommendations if problems arise due to the increasing load of the system.
  • Analysizing the consequences of hardware and software failure. Examining propriety and consistency of database structure and dictionaries. Detection of damaged database blocks and recommendations for effective rectification.
  • Analyzing fault tolerance for Oracle databases. Recommendations for increasing fault tolerance and reaching the desired timing characteristics for Oracle database recovery.
  • Analysis, modeling and optimization of maintenance and administration of Oracle databases.
  • Recommendations on increasing existing or projected database efficiency, as well as enhancing related systems.