Big Data

Strong team and advanced analytics practices in the background ensure insight, creativity and fresh approach to any tasks, including the most sophisticated ones.

Company provides ready-to-the-market solutions, tools and services based on Big Data technologies:

  • Joint analysis of the structured and raw data
  • Linguistic technologies for the advanced text analysis and semantic search support
  • Statistical research and data visualization
  • Business consulting for specific tasks definition
  • Expert analysis & project estimation
  • Developing of the demo and pilot solution
  • Integration with the existing IT-infrastructure
  • Fulfilling tasks in the fields of statistical research, predictive analytics and modeling
  • Training
  • Maintenance and support

FORS Big Data Solution:

Advanced Platform for Social Network Data Analysis and automated massive enrichment of customer profiles

ForSMedia is a social network analytics application designed to enrich customer data with information stored in social media and leverage it for target marketing, advertising, up-sell and cross-sell. The solution provides data discovery tools to enable organizations to gain far greater knowledge about their customers, prospects and marketplace. ForSMedia is offered through flexible delivery models as a product or services.

Main functions

  • Customer Identification in social networks
  • Data Acquisition from SN
  • Data and Text Enrichment
  • Merging SN User Data into unified Customer Profile
  • Analysis and Discovery

Interactive exploratory analytic tools included in the solution support advanced level of navigation, searching, refinement and provide valuable new insights for marketing and sales. ForSMedia is based on Big Data architecture and technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL database, data discovery tools. The system can be aligned for specific business requirements and used as a standalone solution or integrated component of an enterprise solution.

Data analysis & Discovery

  • Interface for Data Analysis & Discovery
  • Identification Statistics & Results
  • Target marketing — constructing a target group for a specific marketing campaign
  • Interactive discovery for Product & Services Promotion
  • Rich Search Capabilities: Filtering, Guided Navigation, Faceted Refinement
  • Interactive views, diagrams, tag clouds, etc.


ForSMedia version 2.1 is supported on Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1, Oracle WebLogic 12c, Oracle Linux 6.6 and is supported with Oracle Exalytics and Oracle BigData Appliance.