FORS Group

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FORS Background

FORS company was founded on August 19, 1991 by the group of specialists from the Scientific Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences. However, the year 1983 was the starting point for FORS. That year, the future founders of the company, back then, employees of the Research Institute of System Studies, made a major step opting for relational databases and completed a project based on DBMS Oracle. That’s the way they became the pioneers of working with Oracle technologies on the Russian market.

The choice of Oracle technologies has resulted in the company paving its way in this direction and having been devoted to the technological line in this sphere for two decades.

It is worth mentioning that FORS has completed a lot of successful projects alongside with obtaining vast experience in working with Oracle products and technologies. Furthermore, the company has created a unique team of highly professional specialists acknowledged both in Russia and at the international level.

FORS Development Milestones

1991 FORS foundation

1992 FORS becomes the official Oracle partner

1993 FORS Partnership network foundation

1994 FORS Training and Consulting Center (FORS TCC) foundation, an authorized Oracle training partner

1994 Technical Support Solutions Center (FORS TSSC) foundation

1999 FORS is awarded the status of Oracle Value Added Distributor

2000 FORS becomes the first Russian Oracle partner in the highest status “Certified Advantage Partner”, joins the top 20 worldwide

2007 Foundation of Oracle ISV Migration Center in order to provide software developers with consulting service for successful transition of solutions and pilot projects adaptation in accordance with Oracle technologies

2008 Oracle Partnership Academy opening: an educational center for Oracle partners, dealing with new and most popular Oracle products in the field of technologies and business applications at special prices

2010 FORS is awarded the status of Oracle Platinum Partner in Oracle Specialized program.

2010 Creating the department of sports organizations automation and specialized solutions

2011 FORS ExaStack Studio opening: Demo center of innovative Exa-Class software and hardware. New infrastructure solutions department

2011 “FORS Distribution” becomes an independent daughter company (the former partners department)

2012 Big Data: creation of a new department associated with the processing, analyzing and storage of large amounts of heterogeneous data

2013 FORS is a group of companies providing solutions for a wide range of tasks in the IT domain

2015 Creation of iFORS, specializing in the development of industry-ready software products

2015 FORS Development Center wins the Mobile TeleSystems Award in the nomination "For Successful Implementation of Projects and Customer Loyalty"

2016 SkyFORS: creation of Oracle-based cloud platform

2016 On 19-th of August 2016, FORS has celebrated 25-th Birthday

2017 FORS Development Center is awarded by the status of Oracle IaaS Partner of the Year (Russia, 2017)

2017 FORS announces Oracle Cloud MSP status

2018 FORS Development Center became the Partner of the year 2018 in the category Oracle Service Provider of the Year IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

2018 Creation of the FORS Cloud Services Management Center

2021 FORS celebrated 30th anniversary