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FORSMedia Reveals More from the Social Networks Customers Profiles


I-FORS Company, which is a part of the FORS Group, has developed a new Application for the B2C market, which provides extracting of the special data on the existing and potential customers from the social media. The product FORSMedia enables flexible and effective tools for the customer’s data analysis for marketing purposes — audience targeting, product promotion and forecasting of the consumer behavior. Solution is based on Big Data technologies.

FORSMedia key advantage is ability to perform detailed analysis of the targeted audience on the base of structured and flat data contained at various information resources. Results of such analysis will raise the efficiency of the feedback from customers, ensure direct communication with them, spread up the customer base and create new abilities for the targeting marketing.

Key feature of the solution is automatized massive enriching of the social media data — both mentioned directly, as a position to smoking, or indirectly, hided in users’ posts, texting, signing groups, from which there could be specified there interests, hobbies or preferences. Data discovery tools used for analysis, provide high level of interactive data processing, forming anticipations with follow up and checking them upon changing of the research criteria.

«Modern Big Data technologies enable congregating of the huge data massive from the social media, web logs, forums and other means of social communication. However, it is not that easy to apply this data for the practical needs, as it is unstructured, raw and contain implied useful information. We developed Application that ensure fast and easy raw data processing and enriching for the various analytical research works. That’s why our product precisely could be taken on board by analysts, marketing and sales managers», — points out Olga Gorchinskaya, Research Projects & Big Data Division Director of FORS Company.

The system would be demanded by businesses, where is needed maximum information on preferences, interests, activities, occupation, travelling, residence and other personal features of the potential clients, i.e. banks, telcos, retail, insurance and Internet trading.

«FORSMedia is an effective marketing tool, which could be used for hot offers issue, better audience focusing and customers’ loyalty raising. Apart from the sales growth, it would give an extra benefit — essential cut of the operating costs due to the rejection of the massive spam delivery», — explains Alexander Lashmanov, I-FORS General Manager.

Depending on the business tasks, solution could be applied as a comprehensive one or light — without the analytical module. Two ways of the system deployment are available — at the customers’ home servers or at the cloud infrastructure. Cloud service subscribing is more cost effective, since it is demanded strictly when needed, especially if the company is not faced the challenge of the permanent and acute monitoring of its audience activities. Open interfaces of the Application provide easy integration with the existing CRM or other IT-systems; it also could be customized meeting any specific requirements.

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