Software Integration

Integration today is more than just consolidation of different hardware and software systems on one single platform. Integration nowadays plays one of the key roles in finding the best, quickest and most efficient business management model. It is a unique IT-tool for the achievement of ambitious business goals under limited financial resources while meeting challenges of the uncertain market environment.

The main idea driving most integration projects lies not only in the implementation of a particular IT-solution but in using a comprehensive approach to the customer’s needs. This approach includes control and management of information resources, optimization of the business processes and modeling of the future development trends.

Situations when integration is required:

  • Non-connected applications in the organization
  • Business processes above those applications
  • Need for minimal alteration of the existing systems
  • Indefinite and changeable nature of operating procedures
  • Need more effective control and management of the information resources

FORS provides a full range of integration services and applies:

  • Business and technical consulting;
  • Implementation of the comprehensive enterprise resource management systems;
  • Development of the system-wide project solutions as a core base for large information systems;
  • Organization and control of the project team work;
  • Expertise of the project solutions and producing recommendations on the fulfillment of integration and administration tasks;
  • Component integration with respect to functional, hardware - software and administrative supply;
  • Training and maintenance.