Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Engineered Systems are available for demonstration, testing and operating at FORS ExaStack Studio in Moscow since April 2011.

By the level of the equipment available for demonstration and testing, and professionalism of the specialists, it is probably one of the best demo-centers in Europe of that kind. Advanced integrated infrastructure solutions provide unlimited abilities for research works and testing of the software for reaching ultimate results.

Any company interested in a dramatic increase of productivity of its Applications can test them there. FORS experts will fully inform on the features of the machines, possible settings, configurations, administration, scaling and migration from other platforms. In order to optimize data processing, once the system has been tested, partners and customers can get detailed recommendations on its further deployment and optimization on this hi-end equipment.


Engineered Systems:

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Oracle Pillar Axiom 600

SPARC M7-based servers:

  • SPARC T7-1 server
  • SPARC T7-2 server
  • SPARC T5-2 server
  • Sun Server x86
  • StorageTek 2540 M2
  • StorageTek SL150 Tape Library
  • Sun ZFS Storage 7120
  • Sun ZFS Storage ZS3-2

This list and configurations are constantly extended.

FORS Exastack Studio services

  • Testing of Applications
  • Database audit for definition of the possible productivity growth
  • Development of the migration scenario
  • Database migration
  • Information resources consolidation project development
  • High availability systems project development
  • Tuning of the data compression procedures
  • Deployment and installation of the software
  • Training
  • Technical support and maintenance

The FORS ExaStack Studio runs technical seminars, webinars, and training sessions for partners and customers. Follow our announcements at the "Events" section.