Enterprise performance management using Oracle Hyperion and Oracle EPM Cloud

FORS offers services to solve a wide range of tasks in the field of enterprise performance management using Oracle Hyperion and Oracle EPM Cloud.

Development of Corporate Budgeting Methodology

  • Analysis of the company financial structure
  • Formation of the structure and composition of the corporate budgets in general and in relation to financial responsibility centers
  • Development of requirements for accounting and financial policy of the enterprise, including the development of management accounting charts, rules and algorithms for the formation of key indicators, as well as the budget and reporting forms portfolio
  • Development of corporate budgeting regulations, including the order and rules of planning, control, adjustment and accounting
  • Analysis of all kinds of sources of facts and regulatory information
  • Development of technical specifications for budgeting automation.

Automation of Budgeting, Consolidation of Financial Statements and Tax Planning

  • System architecture design
  • Development of the system in general, including analytical references, the processes of loading initial data and uploading calculation results, metrics calculation rules, input forms and reports, budget approval processes
  • System testing and revision based on test results
  • User training
  • Support of the Customer’s key users at the trial operation of the system during the warranty period.

Audit of Current Budgeting Systems, Financial Reporting and Tax Planning Systems Consolidation

  • Survey of the current system of budgeting and management accounting, including research and analysis of existing regulations and models of budgeting and management accounting
  • Assessment of compliance of parameters and objects of the model with the current business
  • Check of optimality and correctness of implementation of algorithms and calculations
  • Assessment of how optimal the installation is
  • Identifying unused functionality
  • System security analysis, including compliance of user rights with functions and permissions
  • Quality control of accompanying documentation
  • Development of recommendations to optimize the system.

Optimization and Development of Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Tax Planning Systems

  • Modification of application settings and parameters
  • Optimization of data loading and input, increased efficiency of the implemented calculation procedures
  • Optimization of parameters of the main objects of the model
  • Expansion of the system functionality by modifying existing and developing new forms, reports and calculation rules, connection of new sources of information.

Migration to New Software Versions

  • Analysis of the need to migrate existing applications to new versions of software and estimating the cost of its implementation
  • Migration plan development
  • Application migration work.

Migrating to Cloud Infrastructure

  • Analysis of the possibility of moving the existing applications to a cloud-based infrastructure and cost assessment development of migration plan
  • Migrating to the cloud
  • Training employees to work in the cloud infrastructure.

Technical Support

  • Line 1 and Line 2 of technical support to answer users' questions on how the system works
  • Extended technical support in accordance with the company's financial calendar
  • Support of the system with modifications of directories, algorithms, data entry forms and system reports.

Oracle Hyperion Product Line User Training

  • Vendor's standard training courses
  • Development of customer-tailored training courses or webinars for a specific model
  • Training locations: FORS Training Center classroom, Customer's premises, or remote.